azi: Ulquiorra - under your command (Bleach - Ulquiorra - Bow)
Title: Chambers of the Mind
Writing Date: Mid 2011.
Rating: General.
Warnings: Medical procedure-related violence, needles, mindfuck, I suppose.
Fandom: AU: The Sky Tides.
Characters: Ulquiorra, Szayel, Murciélago.
Summary: After a battle loss, Ulquiorra goes to the city of Berum seeking strength in the form of a medical procedure that will give him the powers of a Hollow.

When he had entered the facility, he had done so without a trace of hesitation. )
azi: Keep Calm and Take Tape. (Alliance/Union - Cyteen - Azi)
Title: War and Adjustment
Writing Date: Mid 2011.
Rating: General.
Warnings: Mild language. Obscure canon?
Fandom: TST AU.
Characters: Ulquiorra Schiffer, Justin Warrick, Szayel Apollo Granz and Grimmjow Jaegerjaques.
Notes: This fic is based on an AU timeline divergence for TST. The vast majority of Justin's spoken lines are [profile] schmot_gurl's work. <3
Summary: In the wake of Aizen's conquest of Reial, Ulquiorra takes a Fracción -- a human, somebody he worked for before the war.

The Badlands takeover had been as smooth as it had been swift.  )

Several days after the Archadian invasion, a terrible explosion reduced the once proud city of Nabudis to naught but rubble. Though the city fell in the space of a night, the Mist that now swirls where it once stood has transformed the land into a barren waste for eternity. Even now, the cause of this cataclysm is not fully understood.

-Sage Knowledge 03

March 2012

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