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Title: Something Like Regret
Writing Date: Late 2009
Rating: General.
Warnings: None.
Fandom: Multifandom AU RP
Characters: Zexion, Lexaeus, Xigbar, Kuja, Marluxia, OC, Neliel.
Summary: Zexion didn't quite regret leaving behind The Thirteenth Order in light of what had been revealed, but there was a pang of something else, right in the chest, that made his resignation hurt.

Something Like Regret )


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Title: Suffer
Writing Date: 2008
Rating: PG, perhaps a little bit higher.
Warnings: A little bit of blood, really mild profanity.
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing/Characters: One-sided Neliel/Nnoitra if you read between the lines.
Summary: At every opportunity, he’d fight her and lose miserably. He’d aimed every swing at her with vicious seriousness and had fought as though his wretched life depended on it. Each guttural cry of exertion that tore from his throat had been meant and every spark that danced between their clashing blades had been a blocked blow intended for her skin to take.

She’d beaten him again. )

Several days after the Archadian invasion, a terrible explosion reduced the once proud city of Nabudis to naught but rubble. Though the city fell in the space of a night, the Mist that now swirls where it once stood has transformed the land into a barren waste for eternity. Even now, the cause of this cataclysm is not fully understood.

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