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The Muted Scarp

The Vale of Lingering Sorrow

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Name:The Muted scarp
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The Muted Scarp
This is a place for [personal profile] azi's fanfiction.

The majority of the material here is likely to be AU and is marked accordingly. Kingdom Hearts, Cyteen/Regenesis and Bleach, while not exclusively, will make up the majority of the base canons used.
Sage Knowledge 64
"Called the Verdpale Palace, it once stood proudly in the middle of a lake. Now it stands in ruin, destroyed in the attack on Nabudis two years ago. Though the ghost of the building remains in the crumbling walls, it is wholly gutted and lies half-submerged in the murk. Now Mist flows freely through its abandoned halls, and its glorious memory is profaned by a menagerie of vile creatures."
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